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because the addiction never stops

sporadic icon explosions
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This is the community version of the old 9_million_minds journal. Here you'll find icons of all genres and fandoms made by me, wanderingscribe. If you've friended the old _9MM, please feel free to friend this community instead. Hopefully, it'll be easier for me to update.

Image Resources:
Tenipuri DSP
YGO screencaptures
FMA fans
Stock X-change
Advent Children Source
Yummy Sushi Pajamas
Reikai Files
Yami's screencaps
Scans Daily

Font Resources:
04 Pixel Fonts
Blambot Comic Fonts
Blue Vinyl Fonts
typOasis fonts
1001fonts.com (Warning, popups)
Font Candy

-All icons are made from caps found on the internet and are free to use. I don't take credit for them either. If you want to know what caps I use and from where, please refer to the Image Resources section.

Edit: Any screencaps I offer in posts are free to use also. No credit necessary. I don't like making people bend over backward to kiss my ass over screencaps, fer chrissake.

Rules for use:
All icons were made by me and if you use them, I expect you to do a few things for me.

-First off, please comment on a post as to what you're taking. You don't have to credit, just don't put them up on a site and claim them as yours.

-If you want to customize any bases and/or textless icons, go ahead. Just make sure you let me see what you've done with 'em. I might learn a few things.

-If you credit, credit to wanderingscribe or nine_million. Thanks.

-Lastly, there may be higher rated or even explict icons in the future. Use your best judgement; if you're underage (under 18+), take an R or NC-17 icon from me, and your parents catch you with it, yeah, getting it was a bad idea. And no, you can't blame me for it.

Trolls, spammers, and other idiots will be banned under the discretion of the management. My justice is swift and brutal, fuckers. :D